Driver & Programming Environment

To use the kit, you need to download and install two files (note: in general, MACs do not usually need drivers).  The first is a driver that allows your computer to communicate with the Arduino compatible board …

  Arduino Compatible Driver

Once downloaded, extract the files and run the SETUP file to install the driver.  When you plug in the Arduino compatible board, the driver will connect to it.

The second file is the Arduino programming environment, available at …

  Arduino Programming Environment

After running this programme, select TOOLS – PORT and ensure that you have selected the correct COM port that the Arduino is connected to.


LCD Display

This library allow you to connect to the LCD screen using i2c (serial interface), thereby only using 4 pins.

LCD i2c library

To use this, you need to find the address of the LCD screen first, then you can start using the LCD via the i2c lines.  For a good tutorial, look at the following link …

LCD i2c tutorial