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Commencing in 2016, yMake brought the why (y) to the Maker and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) movements in education.  Moving beyond developing projects with a STEM basis, yMake encapsulates the process of building STEM projects in business models that encourage an entrepreneurial spirit and approach.

Many educational institutions and communities have been very successful in engaging their members in Maker and STEM movements.  Members create amazing projects that utilise various IT and engineering technologies to create interesting and often useful products or services.

Now, the next phase in development is the incorporation of these projects into business or entrepreneurial models that focus on creating purpose (the “why”) to the projects.  Central to this approach are vision, values and strategic development based on innovative and creative approaches.

yMake works with a middle-out and top-down design process that utilising design thinking to encourage the design and development of STEM projects that start with real-life problems to be solved and/or disruptive innovation.  Building from this initial ideation process, proven business models are explored and implemented to encapsulate the design process, utilising existing technologies.

Get involved in the latest approaches to innovative and disruptive entrepreneurship that is the foundation of many startups and new enterprise strategies.


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